Greetings to those of you which have survived and made it to the great Iirithine Fortress. Here, you will be introduced to Ishnar. I have chosen him to take the reigns of the guild in my absence. Although Ishnar is not well known around the guild halls, he has been a secure structure in the survival of a the guild through out these times of turmoils. He has been a close protege to many of the Guild Elders, and has never failed to complete his objectives in the past. It is our hope and wishes that this continues with his new challenge, of sustaining the Kryliss here in Adithion.

Everyone here has been given a task to achieve prior to arrival. Our hope is that the majority of these complicated and/or seemingly random exercises will end in success and this will help Ishnar in retaining control of what fractions of the guild remain.

This castle is filled with hidden passages, traps to be triggered, and ancient secrets of our past. Some of your tasks will involve assisting to conquer these difficulties, while others will have more long-term uses. Nonetheless, as we will not be there to insure this venture, you must all trust in Ishnar with your life, and your loyalties which you have shown the guild in the past.

Prime Minister Barliblog has led a deceitful and false war against our beliefs and our stances in the world. Therefore, we have ordered a retreat which bodes well for our next move: offense. Here in this castle lies many of the secrets of our clan’s roots. Ishnar is the only non-council member schooled in these secret bits of knowledge, and by assisting his lead, the fate of—not only the Syndicate but also—the great Adithion lands could turn tide in our favor.

Be weary of all who cross this gate. The Middle Kingdom’s forces have penetrated deep into our clan, and our outcome lies in the processions here in this mountainous fortress. None have made voyage to this hidden lair to our knowledge, and as the classics of our times reads, “Iirithine is a sacred land, which should be the only speck our dark presence does not touch.” But with such a dire fate read by our soothsayers, we are limited in action, and forced to break past our fears of such a warning.

Be cautious, be weary. You are now entitled Saviours, and at the time of our return, you shall be rewarded. Our expectations are high of all of you, hence the trust we’ve laid in you all with these important tasks.

Take pace, tread lightly. The Kryliss Syndicate Elders Council

Written by the hand of High Lord Krivens

The Loyalty of Thieves

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